Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Camp Benzen

On Tuesday  we went to kawau island  for year 6 camp. We had to wake up by 7 Oclock
before the bus goes. We had to go on a bus to the fairy to go to camp benzen. We saw
dolfen when we were on the fairy.

We were so excited to go to kawau island. When we made it we took all the bags food and left it on the deck. After that we grab our day bag  and our water bottles and walk up the hills. We had to stop for our lunch and colin had to say a speech.

Then we kept walking all the way up top and we went down and then we had some lunch. Then we had to play some games I played ball rush and the we skim the rocks on the water. Then we
went back to the camp and we set up our cabins I had to sleep with Oloti, Damien, Tihi and livai.  

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