Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Amazing race

The Amazing Race

Yesterday on the 27th of october we had an activity called the amazing race with the Year 8 and 7 at Pt England School . The teacher had to put us into group of 4,5 or 6. The group are called 123B and 123A my group was Kyan, Juliet, Alizay, and Furidah we were 3A. The teachers gave us a card to the activity that we had to go and we have to try and earn Points. Then we had to go into the street so the teachers will show where our first activity and what were the activity about. There were five activity they were cookies face, fare factor, Photo Poth, Pies Pipe, and Brain.

Our first activity was cookies face. (How to play) was first you had to but the cookie on your forehead then you have to try and put it into your mouth without your hand touching it. Mrs flavel took room 5/123B and 123A in two line and went to our first activity then already told us the instruction and picked five people from A to B. Mrs flavel gave us cookies and she said “ ready set go” then we try to move our forehead and we try to plink. It was so tricky that the cookie slide through our mouth and on the ground.

When it was finished our team did not get any cookie into our mouths and we had no points. After that we had to check on our Paper where is our next activity. Our next activity was Pies Pipe with Miss Hokly and Miss Msala. We walk to our next activity and we saw our rival enemies sitting down waiting for us. When we sat down we saw three table and to powls of pies on each table. We had to sit down at  a table and wait for the instruction. The instruction was how to put the pies to the other side of the table to the empty bowl without touching with our hand you have to use the straw to suck the pie. It was so difficult because it was so hard to suck the  pie you can’t even hold your breath. After we finish we just hear that the other team cheated. They cheated by using their hands. We won and we had 100 points.

After all the activity that we did we all had to meet back at the stree and finish our amazing race and we had 209 points. It was so fun I hope that we can do it again

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