Thursday, 17 October 2013


In the holidays me and my sister sleepover my cousins house. Me and my cousins and my sister we were playing with our puppy and we had a race and me and my cousin won. After that me and my uncle and cousin wash the car and we play water gun and I was hiding from my cousin and I saw him and shot me. After that it was night time and we went inside the house and and we sleep. The next day we had some breakfast and we ate some milo and tost and weetbix. After we had breakfast we play with the puppy again and we watch some rugby and. Me and my cousins play rugby and my cousin name Aothny was a good rugby player. After we play rugby it was getting dark. The next day me and my sister were going home now and my mum came to pick up me and my sister. Me and my sister went home and we watch a movie in our U.S.B. we watch fast and furious 6.

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