Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Letter Master

Pele William,

O lo'u igoa o Pj, sa ou fanau ma ou ola i Niusila.  Ou te fiafia e avea au ma fitafita [soldier] .  O lou malosi ma lou ola o le a tautua ai le malo o Niusila.

I want to say that you are a good soldier. You’re risking your life for your aiga ma au friends. Good soldiers help others and care about other people.  I hope your life will be safe.

I hope your neck and ears are better and that the nurse is looking after you. What village do you come from in Samoa? I come from Samoa but
I was born in Niusila. I am 11 year old and i’m turning 12 on july the 8th
Yours sincerely,

From Pj

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