Friday, 29 November 2013

Ambury Farm

Term 4 have been learning about farming, we went on a trip to Ambury Farm to learn even more. We had to make sure that we had a healthy lunch and a bottle of water. The day was going to be hot so we had to take our hats too. The buses were waiting to take us to Ambury Farm. We jumped on the bus and sat quietly because the driver was grumpy and didn’t want us to make a noise. Finally we arrived at Ambury Farm. Our instructor told us about farming and she said we have to go on two groups and we went to look at farm animal. First we went to look at the sheep. There was a lady name Janine and we all line up and saw the sheep wool. Janine she showed us some wool and we get to hold the wool and feel it. After that we have to look at the cow. We can touch the cow but we are not allowed to touch the cows head. The cows name is Mrs T She was so big and we saw the some cows and all of them got different colour.

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