Friday, 22 March 2013

Camp Reflection

Have you been to a camp at school before? My camp leaders were Emmy and tanela. they were the leaders of our group and our group was called trew crew and our camp teacher is mrs garden and all of the year 6 and 5 are in group of . My activities went looking for Eels and we went to kayak “Mr Burt said ,” “foot,bum,foot”. Then we went to the pools was so cool and we get to have free time.I enjoy going to the pools because it is fun and it make me fit.

 On Thursday night we had a camp concert and and our families watched us up on the stage . Synergy was first, Cooperators were second and the force was third.It was cool watching the Force all of our family was clabing.The jajes were things it was cool one of the jajes whisper in the other jajes was cool. On friday all of the group we went to the Mangere pools. first we got our swimming togs and we went into the bus and we sat down on the seats. we waited and waited and we made it to manager pools. We saw some slides and some Bombing pools. After we eat morning tea and we eat some cakes. After that we get to go in the pools but we don’t go on the slide yet we go after and we get to have free time. One thing I like about camp is is going to Mangere pools.IMG_0020IMG_0021

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