Thursday, 14 February 2013

All About Me

This is my presentation that I have made using my netbook.


  1. Hi PJ,

    I love your presentation. You are very clever using your netbook to make it. What programme did you use in Google?

    I hope you are enjoying being in Miss Lavakula's class, I agree with you, she is cool.

  2. Hi PJ,
    You've worked extremely hard on your presentation using your netbook. I am very proud of you. Keep the great posts coming.

  3. Hey PJ,

    My name is Bailey Baker and I go to the University of South Alabama!

    I think your "All About Me" presentation is really good! How long did it take you to make?!

    Looks like we have a couple things in common; I love SpiderMan and really like Chris Brown too!

    Good luck with school!

  4. Thank you for your comments.
    Miss Burne, I made it using presentation on my drive. And Bailey Baker, it took me 2 weeks to make my presentation


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